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In addition to our dedication to organics and non-reactive glass packaging, all 3 flavors are specifically designed with the help of our on-staff nutritional advisor (below) to deliver maximum functional benefit. But don't just take our word for it, check out what we found:

Apple Cider Vinegar

Each shot contains: 4 tsp.

Recommended: 3-4 tsp

A variety of vinegar products have been used around the world for centuries, with apple cider vinegar gaining the majority of attention in recent decades. It is thought that the functional properties of apple cider vinegar can be attributed to its acetic acid content. Though research continues to work towards validating the pathways to apple cider vinegar’s potentially therapeutic effects, a number of animal and laboratory studies have associated acetic acid consumption and/or treatment with antimicrobial, antioxidative, tumor-inhibiting, blood pressure-lowering and cholesterol-lowering effects. Though human studies have produced variable results in the literature, it is thought that the vinegar’s satiety-inducing effect, related to the slowing of gastric emptying, may contribute to weight control. Perhaps the most established functional property of apple cider vinegar is noted in human and animal studies showing the slowing of gastric emptying may have an anti-glycemic effect after consumption of carbohydrate, of which both slowing the rise in blood glucose and improving insulin sensitivity may play a role. 


Black Pepper

Turmeric Apple shot contains: 400 mg

Recommended: 400mg-1,100mg

It is crucial to note that turmeric’s claim to fame, curcumin, has limited absorptive capacity and bioavailability, meaning of what little curcumin in absorbed by the gut, most is excreted rapidly. Curcumin must be accompanied by one of the well studied compounds that enhances the bioavailability of curcumin. Of these compounds, the bioactive constituent of black pepper, piperine, is well-established to best enhance the proposed functional properties of curcumin, of which animal and human studies have time and time again recommended their pairing. 



Turmeric Apple shot contains: 2g

Recommended: 1-2g

Over the last decade, turmeric has gained much attention by the media and scientific literature alike due to the root’s many proposed therapeutic effects. The functionality of turmeric may be attributed to it’s bioactive constituent, curcumin, which has demonstrated clinical effectiveness in a number human and animal studies.


Ginger Pineapple shot contains: 5.25g

Recommended: 5g

The functionality of ginger for digestive health purposes is perhaps the root’s longest standing claim to fame. Ginger’s active constituents, gingerols and shagaols, have been extensively studied for their role in a variety of pathways related to gut function and digestion. A number of human studies have associated ginger consumption and antiemetic function, or a reduction in nausea. Though far less research exists, some animal and in vitro studies have suggested additional analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects with ginger consumption.



Cinnamon Maple shot contains: 1.62g

Recommended: 1-2g

Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine has supported the use of cinnamon in naturopathic practices, where it is thought that cinnamon’s main constituent, cinnamaldehyde, may be responsible for its proposed therapeutic effects. Though less literature has been published using human or animal, some smaller studies have suggested anti-glycemic and lipid-lowering effects related to the cinnamon consumption.


Our Nutritionist

All our research was done by Leanna, who is an RD with a Masters in Nutrition.